Youth, Adjudication, and Mental Health: A Panel Discussion

Shailaja Marion Event

The “Youth, Adjudication, and Mental Health” Panel Discussion aims to address the intersection of mental health issues and the legal system of young adults. The League of Women Voters of Metropolitan Tulsa recognizes the unique challenges faced by youth involved in legal proceedings and strives to promote their mental well-being, rehabilitative outcomes, and successful reintegration into society.

Inside the Issues: Oklahoma’s Citizen Initiative Petition Process

Shailaja Marion Event

Please join us for an hour-long informative discussion that will explore Oklahoma’s Citizen Initiative Petition process and potential changes to the process.

Panelists are Oklahoma Representative Amanda Swope, Cole Allen (Oklahoma Policy Institute), and Andy Moore (Let’s Fix This). Panel moderator will be David Blatt, PhD, a professor at OU-Tulsa.

Webinar: Improving the Incarceration Experience for Women

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On October 27th, the Tulsa League is presenting a forum on Improving the Incarceration Experience for Women. Confirmed guest panelist includes Kris Steele (TEEM) and Janay Clougherty (Tulsa County Public Defenders) with additional guests to be announced. The webinar will be moderated by Stephanie Henson (LWVOK). This event is part of the LWVOK State Study Series on Criminal Justice in Oklahoma.