An Update from the LWVMT

Lynn Staggs Blog Post, News and Updates

I’m not saying anything new when I say we don’t know how things will continue to evolve with regard to the COVID-19 pandemic. But one thing is for sure – we will have an election in November. Even during the Civil War and the 1918 flu epidemic, general elections were never cancelled. We don’t know what the 2020 election will …

Why Join the League of Women Voters

Sheila News, News and Updates

I believe in service to both the small and large community.  And so I am a member of the LWV. I believe in personal responsibility for our environment, our schools, our families, and our cities. And so I’m a member of the LWV. I believe in seeking the truth, even when the answer is not popular, or even believed. And …

Voting Rights Advocates Settle Matter Alleging NVRA Violations

Emily Davis News, News and Updates

Over the past year, the League worked with a variety of organizations to ensure the Oklahoma State Election Board was complying with certain statutes of National Voter Registration Act. As of today, we can announce that a settlement has been reached to provide more effective voter registration opportunities to citizens throughout the state. Find all of the information here.  

Meet the Member: Elizabeth Harris

Emily Davis News, News and Updates

Want to know who makes the League special? We’ve started an initiative to feature our membership on our “Meet the Member Mondays” blog series. Check back often to learn more about our members, see the diversity of our membership and see why they think the League’s work is important. Name: Elizabeth Harris Day job: Data Analyst for Growing Together 3 …

Madam President

Emily Davis News, News and Updates

We all know her… The woman who isn’t afraid to lead, isn’t afraid to speak up, and never shies away from serving her community…Now you can honor her. Join us on August 26th as we kick off our newest event – Madam President. Find all the event details here.