Meet the Member: Elizabeth Harris

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Want to know who makes the League special? We’ve started an initiative to feature our membership on our “Meet the Member Mondays” blog series. Check back often to learn more about our members, see the diversity of our membership and see why they think the League’s work is important.


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Name: Elizabeth Harris

Day job: Data Analyst for Growing Together

3 words to describe you:  Caffeinated, Passionate, and

Why are you involved with the League:  Voting is the most direct way we, as citizens, can influence the direction of our country, state, and city.

My favorite experience with LWV has been:  I really enjoy voter forums because it makes me hopeful that apathy hasn’t completely taken over.

On the weekend, you can find me:  One of Tulsa’s awesome coffee shops, visiting friends, working on my house

Favorite Tulsa restaurant:  I can’t choose!

Favorite vacation destination:  Anywhere with friends and a good view

People would be surprised to know:  Baking is my ultimate stress reliever.  I also really like mowing my lawn

Words to live by:  “He that would perfect his work must first sharpen his tools” Confucius

If your day had 25 hours, what would you use the extra hour for:   Sleep

One item you can’t leave home without:  My purse

Favorite meal:  My Mom’s pot roast

Beverage of choice:  Coffee

Who is your hero:  My great aunt Ruby

Biggest pet peeve:  Apathy

What makes you laugh:  Parks and Rec

Best movie seen/book read lately:  Love & Mercy, about Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys

What should be taught in school that isn’t currently:  Data literacy: not necessarily the math of statistics, but what questions should I ask when presented with data from various sources like the media or politicians

Favorite Tulsa activity:  Brunch and Philbrook

One word to describe Tulsa:  Home