Volunteer Opportunities

Shailaja Marion News

The League of Women Voters of Metropolitan Tulsa has several events coming up and is looking for volunteers!

Voter Registration

Naturalization Ceremony
When: Wednesday, August 14 @ 11am
Where: Philbrook Museum of Art
Volunteers: 2-3

Interested volunteers can sign up HERE.

Naturalization Ceremony
When: 2nd Wednesday of each month @ 11am
Where: Varies
Volunteers: 3

Interested volunteers can sign up HERE.

Candidate Forums

There are currently no candidate forum events that need volunteers. Please check back again soon!

If you would like information on the various positions generally needed for each forum, please read the position descriptions.


General Office
When: Thursday, Friday & Tuesday, July 11-12, 16 (10a-2p)
Where: LWVMT Office
Volunteers: 1/shift (2 hour shifts)

Interested volunteers can sign up HERE.

Social Media Volunteer
When: preferably during office hours
Where: negotiable
Volunteers: variable (2-3 hours/week)

Interested volunteers please contact the office.