End of Year Financial Planning

Diama Norris News

The end of the year is special. It is the season of tradition and spending time with loved ones. It offers moments of reflection and looking ahead to the New Year. Perhaps because of these sentiments, many people choose to make gifts to their favorite causes in this season.

In the final weeks of the year you can better assess your year-end financial picture and estimate the year ahead. Your gift can still give you an income tax deduction this year and help us continue our work right now.

Gifts of cash are always helpful. Whether by cash or check we can help you complete your gift by year’s end. Savvy donors almost always donate appreciated assets, like stock, by transferring them to their favorite causes. By giving this year, you can receive an income tax deduction and avoid paying capital gains that might otherwise be due if the asset were sold.

Join with other friends of our organization who find this season a perfect time to give back. If you would like assistance on how to take advantage of cu rrent tax laws, please let us know. We would be more than happy to speak with you. Please contact our office for more information.