Welcome to the LWVMT!

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, I would like to thank you for joining the League of Women Voters of Metropolitan Tulsa. Whether you are a new member or a returning one, your dedication to the organization is very much appreciated.

Our history speaks for itself: a band of women who felt that voter rights were a critical issue, that educating voters was essential, and advocating for democracy was inspiring. The 19th Amendment, one granting women the right to vote, was a direct result of those brave individuals coming together and stepping forward.

That was in 1920 and today the LWV may look a little different, but the core value is the same: getting voters educated, registered to vote, and to the polls. Your membership is an indication that you hold respect for this work and we are happy to count you among the 300,000+ members and supporters across the US who share your views.

We have big plans for the coming year and it's engaged members and volunteers that make them happen! Please visit the links below for more information on the LWVMT and the different ways you can be a part of an active and engaged community.


Shailaja Marion
Administrative Director

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