Get the Municipal Election Voter Guide Today!

Heather News

The League’s guide to the November 8 Tulsa municipal elections is now available in print and online. This information-packed guide lists the new Voter ID requirements and explains the four city charter change proposals on the ballot. The guide also lists the candidates for city council along with their contact information and their answers to a League questionnaire.

Voter Guide Out Mid-October

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The Tulsa League of Women Voters 2011 Tulsa Municipal General Election Voter Guide will be available by mid-October in both print and online editions. To learn more about the candidates and charter change proposals that will be on the November ballot, the League’s Voter Guide is essential.  It is distributed free of charge, thanks to generous contributions to the League’s …

October Water Study for Tulsa League Unit Meetings

Sheila News

In May, at the 2011 convention, a new statewide study of water proposed by the Tulsa League was adopted. The two-year study is intended to update and expand the current state League position on water. The committee will study water use, protection, management, conservation, ownership and quality across Oklahoma. Background Although the League of Women Voters of the United States …