Getting to Know: Kevin Matthews, State Senator

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In an effort to better acquaint Tulsa citizens with their elected officials, the League has launched a “Getting to Know” initiative. Today, we are featuring Kevin Matthews, who was elected to State Senate District 11 in April of this year.

Kevin Matthews 2012

What will the Senate agenda be for 2015? My 2015 & 2016 agenda remains: prison and legal reform (incarceration reintegration), Education, Economic Development, & Public Safety.

What 3 changes will citizens see under your leadership as (office)? Three changes citizens will see under my leadership: A) Constant access informing constituents of legislative activity i.e. Monthly forums, radio, news releases, social media, speaking, and presence in businesses in the district. B) Large focus on Economic Development-Entrepreneurship & Cooperative Economics. C) Youth Development and mentorship of future leaders.

What is the biggest issue that Tulsa is facing?  Biggest issue Tulsa is facing is no sustainable tax funding for the City. Sales tax is too volatile as a funding source.

What about Tulsa makes you the most proud?  I am proud that Tulsa is the home of Greenwood once known as the Black Wallstreet of America, and Tulsa has produced many world renown scholars, entertainers, and athletes.

Why did you choose to pursue public office?  I ran for office because I felt that I had raised two sons in my home, now my responsibility becomes the community, City, and State, they and their friends may have to live in.

On the weekend, you can find me:  On the weekends you can find me at the barbershop, a restaurant in the district, a community event or a movie.

What is your favorite spot in Tulsa?  The Greenwood District or Mohawk golf course.

What songs would be find on your playlist?  You can always find “Uncle Charlie” Charlie Wilson and Tulsa Gap band music on my playlist.

If your day had 25 hours, what would you use the extra hour forIf I had 25 hours a day my 25th hour would be used reading more biographies of people I admire that I didn’t know, and writing letters and poems to people I do know.

Words to live by:  Words to live by:  Live, Love, and Leave a Legacy.