Voter ID: Don’t Let it Keep You From Voting

Sheila News

The new Voter ID law, which took effect July 1, allows many different forms of identification to be used, including voter registration cards issued by the county election board.

According to the Tulsa County Election Board, an acceptable photo ID must have been issued by the federal, state or a tribal government and must include the voter’s name, photograph, and an expiration date that is after the date of the election in which the voter is using it.  The name on the ID must substantially conform to the name on the voter rolls at the polling place.

The good news is that voters may also use a voter identification card issued by the county election board.  Every registered voter should have been mailed a voter registration (or voter ID) card.  If voters have lost their card, they can contact the Tulsa County Election Board, 918-596-5787 to request a replacement.

If voters have moved or had a change to their name, they can fill out a voter registration application with the new information.  Call the League office, 918-747-7933, for more information.