Unit Meetings in 2014

Diama Norris News

In January, the Units met to brainstorm and discuss potential topics for LWVUS to study. Input from the Units will be reported to the Board in February and will be used to complete the form. LWVUS has requested that it be completed by March 2, 2014. The LWVUS uses this input from local Leagues to determine what recommended study will be presented at the June convention in Dallas.

The Committee has recommended to the Board that the Tulsa League NOT pursue the Agriculture consensus study because not enough time is allowed by the study time line to cover the amount of material provided and the number of consensus questions proposed (23 research papers, 11 complex consensus questions). If we were granted an extension, we would reconsider our decision. Our Board President sent a communication to the LWVUS and we are currently awaiting response.

Unit Meetings in February, March and April
Since we will not plan on pursuing the Agriculture consensus study, but do think that there are several topics included in the study materials that would interest members, we propose that Unit Meeting discussions focus on the following topics in the coming months:
• February – “Genetic Engineering and Genetically Modified Organisms in the Food System”
• March – “Food Labeling: FDA and USDA”
• April – “Overview of Agricultural Subsidy”

Unit Meetings May through December
It is anticipated that a number of State questions will appear on the November 2014 ballot. The Tulsa League will monitor those potential questions and determine if LWVMT and/or Unit Meetings should be devoted to such questions or if other topics may be more relevant for study. It is possible that additional Agriculture study topics may be considered for the late-Spring and Summer months. We will keep everyone updated.