Tulsa League Names Unit Manager

Sheila News

Bernadette Riley, Tulsa Unit Manager

Bernadette Riley, who has been active in the Tulsa League of Women Voters since 2005, has been appointed to be the League’s Unit Manager for the next year.

As a retired teacher, Mrs. Riley brings  some great experience to her job as Unit Manager.  She will ensure that unit leaders have the materials they need to lead monthly discussions, and will check for unit report forms after the meetings.  Mrs. Riley will make sure that reports and unit materials are filed for future reference and  so that responses are easily compiled.

Mrs. Riley attends the North Unit each month and is its past unit leader. Violet Patterson will lead the North Unit over this next year. Other unit leaders for the 2011 – 2012 year are Marjorie Swofford, Mid-Day Unit; Kathleen Kastelic, Breakfast Unit; Lora Marschall, South Unit.

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