Meet the Member: Karen Cardenas

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Want to know who makes the League special? We’ve started an initiative to feature our membership on our “Meet the Member Mondays” blog series. Check back often to learn more about our members, see the diversity of our membership and see why they think the League’s work is important.

karen cardenas

Name: Karen Cardenas

Day job: Retired, but volunteer quite a bit. I am also a grant reviewer for the U.S. Department of Education.

3 words to describe you: curious, outspoken, caring

Why you are involved with the League: To learn about important issues and to help more people vote

My favorite experience with LWV has been: working at naturalization ceremonies.

On the weekend, you can find me: Sleeping in on Saturday, cooking for the week, church on Sunday followed by a long nap.

Favorite Tulsa restaurant: Café’ Ole’

Favorite vacation destination: Hood Canal in Washington State

People would be surprised to know: That I can still bite my own toenails. Actually that’s not true. There is nothing surprising about me!

Words to live by: From the great philosopher Bruce Springsteen: “Nobody wins until everybody wins.”

If your day had 25 hours, what would you use the extra hour for: Either reading or working word puzzles while watching mindless television.

One item you can’t leave home without: Kleenex & cell phone

Favorite meal: almost anything Mexican

Beverage of choice: Coffee, strong & black

Who is your hero: My mother

Biggest pet peeve: People who don’t use turn signals

What makes you laugh: Jon Stewart; the folks on “Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me”

Best movie seen/book read lately: All the Light We Cannot See

What should be taught in school that isn’t currently: I don’t really know what’s being taught but the lesson about the importance of voting is not being learned.

Favorite Tulsa activity: Going to movies at Circle Cinema

One word to describe Tulsa: Enigmatic