Meet the Member: Barbara VanHanken

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Want to know who makes the League special? We’ve started an initiative to feature our membership on our “Meet the Member Mondays” blog series. Check back often to learn more about our members, see the diversity of our membership and see why they think the League’s work is important.

barbara vanhanken

Name:  Barbara VanHanken
Day job: Oklahoma Sierra Club Chapter Chair
3 words to describe you: Environmentalist, Grandmother, Humanitarian
Why are you involved with the League: It is a well-respected non-partisan leader in voter rights and accessability.
My favorite experience with LWV has been: Attending Naturalization ceremonies and registering new citizens to vote.
On the weekend, you can find me: at home
Favorite Tulsa restaurant: The Wild Fork
Favorite vacation destination: the mountains
People would be surprised to know: I love genealogy.
Words to live by:  Do unto others as they would do unto you.
If your day had 25 hours, what would you use the extra hour for: be with my dog, Molly.
One item you can’t leave home without: iphone
Favorite meal: Homemade fried chicken
Beverage of choice: Water
Who is your hero: Gloria Steinem
Biggest pet peeve: bad manners
What makes you laugh: My friends and family
Best movie seen/book read lately: St. Vincent
What should be taught in school that isn’t currently: Respect for others.
Favorite Tulsa activity: Walking outdoors.
One word to describe Tulsa: Struggling