LWV-US Council 2011: We’re in Good Company!

Heather News

The League of Women Voters of the United States is a strong national organization with impressive staff members ready to serve state and local Leagues.

Tulsa Treasurer Kathleen Kastellic and President Heather Hope-Hernandez attended the League of Women Voter of the United States biannual Council in Washington, D.C., in June.

Before arriving, we were asked to select a campaign the League would work on through the 2012 elections, to bring our idea and be ready to flesh out the details with the national staff, board and members from across the country (Leagues from more than 40 states were represented). With Voter ID taking effect on July 1, we knew that education campaign would take a huge effort first in Tulsa for the upcoming municipal primary and election and then statewide in 2012 for the presidential election.

Working this plan together and with input from our peers already dealing with Voter ID requirements in their states as well as the professional staff at the National office helped us put together a comprehensive education campaign we’re ready to present and then put to work.