The State of Equality in the City of Tulsa

Shailaja Marion News

Measuring progress toward greater equality in the City of Tulsa: 41.74 out of 100.

The LWVMT hopes you will join us Tuesday, September 17th at our Lunch Meet-Up when we will welcome Melanie Poulter, Director of Innovative Data & Research at the Community Service Council of Tulsa.  Melanie has been directing the work for the Tulsa Equality Indicators which is developing tools which provide Tulsa with our “rating”.

“In its second year, the Equality Indicators Report will continue to serve its intended purpose – which is not as the document that solves all of our problems, but rather as one that illuminates the problems we have so we can address them collectively” 

Mayor GT Bynum

Melanie will be reviewing the most recent Equality Index study and share with us the statistics gathered which are helping guide Tulsa into addressing inequalities.

When: Tuesday, September 17th
Where: YWCA Community Room
Time: noon-1p.  arrive early with brown bag.