League Opposes Tulsa Charter Change Proposals

Sheila News

The League came to this decision after many months of study and discussion.
The League of Women Voters of Metropolitan Tulsa supports the current City of Tulsa charter and opposes all proposed charter change that may be on the November 2011 ballot.

We believe the structure of the current form of city government is fundamentally sound and representative. There are adequate checks and balances to the power wielded by the mayor and the council. There is also sufficient separation of powers to require interaction and communication if both groups desire to faithfully and effectively govern.

The League believes that none of the proposed changes will significantly strengthen what we already have and will not resolve perceived problems which have received so much publicity in recent months. Some suggested proposals will eliminate crucial checks and balances and diminish flexibility and accountability, thus weakening the government.

Tulsa League and Charter Change Background

The Tulsa League of Women Voters has a long and proud 50-year history of supporting representative government. In fact, the League was one of the organizations instrumental in changing Tulsa’s form of government from commissioners elected at-large who ran the city to the current strong mayor/council form of government which voters adopted in 1989.