Community Conversations on Project Schoolhouse: Ground Rules

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The goal of the Tulsa League of Women Voters Community Conversations is to give voice to ideas and solutions from parents and the community for our schools, education and, above all, what is best for all our children.


These ground rules will be used to ensure that all community conversations will be managed in the same way, that all who wish to speak have the opportunity to do so and that there is agreement that what has been recorded represents the views, ideas and insights coming from the meeting.

    1.    Each person who attends will be asked to sign in and to wear a nametag.
    2.    A trained facilitator will lead each meeting and will go over the ground rules at the beginning of the meeting.
    3.    Each meeting will start with quick introductions so that, as much as possible, we are known to one another.
    4.    Respectful comments, questions and remarks are welcome.
    5.    During the discussion, all who wish to speak will be given the opportunity to do so without interruption.
    6.    If any speaker is dominating the conversation, the facilitator may ask that person to give others a chance to speak.
    7.    The recorder will write points and thoughts as accurately as possible.
    8.    At the end of the community conversation, time will be set aside to review the points and thoughts coming from the meeting to make sure there is agreement that what is written is accurate.