Shailaja Marion Blog Post

The board held its first meeting on Sat., July 27, following the board orientation.

The primary areas the board will focus on this year are increasing membership and revenue. During the months when we didn’t have paid office staff, our membership drive efforts waned and, as a result, so did our number of members. If you haven’t paid your membership dues yet, you can do so by visiting our website ( or calling the office. If you have paid them, thank you! And if you know someone(s) who would be interested in joining, please encourage them to do so. Remember – when you join the Tulsa League, you automatically become a member of the Oklahoma and U.S. Leagues.

When it comes to increasing our revenue, we’re looking at ways to enhance our primary fundraiser, Madam President, held each May. We’ll also be considering new and exciting ways to increase our funds. Keep an eye out for news along that front during the year.

As required by our board agreement, board members selected the committee(s) on which they will serve this year and then met for a short meeting to begin their work. Committees will review the 2019-2020 Strategic Plan for guidance as they move forward.

The board voted to approve upgrading the office computers using a discount.