ACTION ALERT: It’s Discrimination Against Women and We Won’t Stand for It

Sheila News

The U.S. Senate will soon vote on an amendment that would limit access to contraceptive services for women if any employer or insurance plan has a “religious or moral objection” to it. 

This open-ended invitation to cut back on preventative health care services for women must be defeated. We need your help.

But the amendment by Senators Blunt and Rubio actually goes even further. If an employer or insurance plan has a “religious or moral objection,” then any health care service can be excluded from coverage from the Affordable Care Act, our nation’s historic new health care law which aims to ensure quality health care for all.

Allowing employers and insurance plans to pick and choose what should be covered will not only lead to discrimination against women, it will shred the essential protections we fought so hard for in health care reform.

The Blunt-Rubio amendment would limit access to contraceptive health care for women and would deny Americans access to needed health care coverage based on ill-defined religious or moral objections. This legislation should be soundly rejected by the Senate.


1.   Send your Senators a message now!  Tell them to vote against the Blunt-Rubio amendment because it will block contraceptive services and discriminate against women. Tell them not to limit access to health care based on ill-defined “religious or moral objections.”

2.   Send this alert to other concerned citizens — your grassroots network, your friends and coworkers — encourage them to contact their Senators.

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Tell your Senators to fight against discrimination based on sex!