Local Positions

The League arrives at policy positions through research, study, and a process of member agreement. Whether the topic in question is the need for a new city ordinance, a state budget proposal, or national security problem, League action is based on the general consensus of members who have weighed the facts on both sides of the issue. This thorough way of forging positions gives the League its unique force and credibility with government policy makers.

The League takes action at all levels of government to press its point of view on public policy issues. Only the President or President’s designee may do so on behalf of the membership. The League’s efforts to shape public policy encompass a variety of strategies including lobbying for or against legislation and monitoring legislation to ensure full and fair implementation of laws or to challenge laws that are viewed as unjust.

LWV policy positions at all levels (National, State, and Local) are adopted through these steps:

  1. Identification of a public policy issue
  2. Discussion and recommendation by the members
  3. Selection by the appropriate Board of a Proposed Program based on these recommendations
  4. Consideration of the proposed Program by the members, and
  5. Adoption of a Position by the members or their delegates.

The LWV of Metro Tulsa adopts local positions at the Annual Meeting. State and National Programs are adopted by delegates at bi-annual conventions.

Local Positions