Spring Program Schedule Deals Mainly With Privatization of Government Services

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The February Unit meetings will focus on what municipal services, functions and assets should never be privatized. Materials will include the executive summary of the KPMG study recently commissioned by the City of Tulsa as well as relevant excerpts from a research paper on privatization prepared for the Florida State Legislature. February study materials are here.

The March Unit meetings will explore what municipal services, functions or assets could be privatized. As part of those dicussions, members will consider teh crteria that should be used to select such services. What contraols should be in place to ensure that the public good is preserved by privatization of municipal services?

April meetings will focus on any possible proposals to be presented at the May annual meeting.

National Privatization Study Consensus Decision Required by May 1

There will be a general meeting and a consensus meeting on privatization in the spring to help us meet the national May 1 deadline. In early March, we will host a privatization panel discussion. In early- to mid-April will hold a consensus meeting which will be based on the National Privatization study materials and consensus questions which were released in late December.