November Unit Meetings

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Action starts at the Tulsa Unit Meetings – View the two November study topics below:

  1. Money in Politics

As adopted by delegates to the 2014 LWVUS Convention, Leagues from across the nation are engaging in a review and update of the national LWV position on campaign finance to consider First Amendment – political speech issues. The League of Women Voters’ Education Fund (LWVEF) Board tasked the Money in Politics Review and Update Committee to:

  • Conduct an update of the League’s position on campaign finance
  • Evaluate the extent to which political campaigns are protected speech under the First Amendment.

Learn, share your thoughts – be a part of the study on Money in Politics:

Midday Unit: Tuesday, November 17, 11:30am-1 pm. Meetings are on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at the League office, 3336 E. 32nd. Lunch and visitation start at 11:30 (bring your own sandwich). Meeting is at 12:00 pm.   

Breakfast Unit: Tuesday, November 24, 7-8 am. Meetings are on the 4th Tuesday of the month. Meeting is at New Atlas Grill located in Courtyard Tulsa Downtown (415 S. Boston Ave.).

The current League position to financing political campaigns takes a collective approach. It focuses on achieving political equality in areas of combating corruption and undue influence, ensuring equitable competition, and protecting the rights of citizens to know and to fully participate. This position has enabled the League to advocate strongly for transparency in campaign finance and against big money and its influence on elections and government.

But, there are still questions to consider and this is why we are studying the issue. What about the First Amendment interest of candidates and donors particularly as compared with equitable competition, preventing corruption and undue influence, enhancing voter participation? These are questions that the position update is considering.

Why Money in Politics Matters to the League of Women Voters?

Money in politics matters because the goal of campaigning is to convince voters, either for or against a candidate or issue. Thus, campaigning is ultimately about communication. In our modern age, this includes speech (the First Amendment) and money. It is very important that one continually keeps combining campaign, communication, free speech and money in their thinking.

Come and join the conversation.

Suggested Readings listed below: Also choose what interests you on the LWVUS web site.

LWVUS Campain Policy 19to22

LWVUS Money in Politics (MIP) Review and Update: Background

LWVUS Money in Politics: Introduction and Overview

Money in Politics: Shifts in Supreme Court Opinions about Money in Politics

Unit Discussion Questions:

  1. What should be the goals and purposes of campaign finance regulations?
  2. Evaluate whether certain activities are types of political corruption. (These activities are listed in the consensus questions on the League website.)


  1. Re-Entry into Society after Prison

The North Tulsa Unit is conducting a one year study on this important subject. At the November Unit Meeting, the members will discuss the effects of Mental Illness and Drug Abuse Barriers on Re-entry. The unit will meet Monday, November 16, noon to 1:00 pm, at the Rudisill Library, 1520 N. Hartford.


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