LWVUS Convention 2014

Emily Davis News


Oklahoma was in the house as more than 700 delegates gathered for this year’s LWVUS convention in Dallas. Caucuses and training sessions covered voting rights, ending gerrymandering, climate change action, building diversity and growing sustainable Leagues – and much more. Delegates heard from a number of outstanding speakers, from Dallas Sheriff Lupe Valdez to NPR’s Wade Goodwyn.

LWVUS Board of Directors: Elisabeth MacNamara was elected to another two-year term as President after a challenge from another candidate. The professionalism displayed by all candidates for the board was impressive.

lwvusLWVUS 2014 Convention Delegates from Oklahoma – From left to right: Barbara VanHanken, LWV Tulsa; Deborah Langley, LWV Bartlesville; Cassie Reed, LWV Stillwater; Sheila Swearingen, LWV Oklahoma; Joanne Murer, LWV Stillwater

Lessons Learned at LWVUS Convention

• The League’s non-partisan, issue-driven work is needed as much as ever.

• Strong local Leagues build the capacity for state Leagues to tackle the big issues.

• Local Leagues need the state Leagues to take leadership in setting an action and

advocacy agenda.

• Leagues around the country are growing again.

• Those taking the boldest actions and gaining visibility are growing the fastest.