Letter from the President

Emily Davis News

Dear LWV Members,

It was my great honor to begin a term as President of the Board of Directors for the League of Women Voters of Metropolitan Tulsa. Since my board internship through Leadership Tulsa in 2014, I have watched, and hopefully helped with, the amazing civic outreach in the community over the past two years.

A little bit about me; I am 31 years old, graduated from Bixby High School, attended the University of Tulsa and am a small business owner, in which I do PR, business, nonprofit and political consulting. My work in politics is what brought me here to the League. On the campaign trail, I have encounteCharity Marcusred many citizens who lacked the knowledge of our candidates, political process and voters’ rights, or did not care about voting at all. Because of this, I wanted to do more. Campaigns only last so long, and I wanted to engage the community on a more continuous basis. I cannot tell you all how excited and blessed I am to take the next year off from political consulting to work closely with you all as we navigate what is sure to be one of the most controversial and important presidential elections! It is a very exciting time to be in a leadership role with the League.  For the next year, I look forward to continuing to educate voters, intensify our organizational reach into minority communities, lead the county in voter registration, and increase our membership! Peter Drucker taught that to achieve results we have to use all the available strengths, as these strengths are the true opportunities. “The unique purpose of an organization is to make strength productive,” he wrote. The League of Women Voters has the exceptional bounty of opportunities found in the strengths of our board, staff and members, and the unique purpose of the board is to build results. I believe that we have the vision of what we are capable of doing as a membership organization and my goal as board president is to keep us loyal to that vision.

Each and every member is an asset to the League that we greatly appreciate. We hope to see your continued membership and involvement in the organization!

Charity Marcus
President, League of Women Voters of Metropolitan Tulsa