League to Begin Education Campaign: Don’t Let Voter ID Keep You From the Polls

Sheila News

Oklahoma’s Voter ID law will take effect July 1, and the League is committed to ensuring no one is intimidated or deterred by this new law.

In May, the Oklahoma Supreme Court declined to take jurisdiction of the Voter ID lawsuit, meaning the earlier ruling by District Judge Tom Thornbrugh requiring the case be heard in Oklahoma County still stands. In declining to assume jurisdiction, the Supreme Court made no finding on the merits of the constitutional challenge to the state question.

No matter what the outcome of the Voter ID lawsuit may be, the Tulsa League will continue to fight any attempts to disenfranchise voters. We remain committed to ensuring all qualified Oklahomans have unfettered access to the polls.

The new Voter ID law takes effect July 1, which means voters in the September primaries and the November general elections will face new challenges when they go to their polling places.

Once the rules are finalized, the Tulsa League will begin a comprehensive education campaign to alert voters that to cast their votes, they must bring proper identification to the polls.

We are committed to ensuring access to the ballot for all registered voters.