Meet Kathleen Kastelic, New Tulsa League President

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Kathleen headshot_2013_cropped and floppedI want to say thank you to Heather Hope-Hernandez for the contributions you made to the League during your Presidential term and for continuing as communications director. I would also like to welcome the new board officers and members: Mary Jane Lindaman, Secretary; Bill Hinkle – Treasurer; Sue Ames; Julie Gustafson and Tana Van Cleave. I am excited for the energy and enthusiasm these new board members bring.


I find it hard to believe that after three years on the board as Treasurer that I am now the President.  During my time on the board I have learned about its inner workings and I know there is much more to discover.  I have had the privilege to attend two National Council meetings and have participated in Membership Leadership Development program and during my tenure I plan to share what I have gained from those experiences.


The League has a highly respected reputation and a strong and proud history.  However, while there is great name recognition of the League of Women Voters, there is limited awareness about the value that the League brings the membership and the community.  With the board, I hope to build that awareness in the Tulsa community.


In League,

Kathleen Kastelic