Fiscal Policy

Support of a sound fiscal policy in Oklahoma.

A tax system should provide adequate funds for essential government services without creating inequities in assessing taxes according to ability to pay. Oklahoma’s tax system would be improved by:

  • A reduction of earmarking of state revenues;
  • Having all property taxes of public service properties collected on a statewide basis, then allocated to the various school districts on a formula basis;
  • Repealing the sales tax on food;
  • Providing the statewide distribution of the gross production tax revenue dedicated for common schools.

Property Tax Assessment

Support of appointment of county assessors and of measures that would bring about equalization of tax assessments among and within counties. Periodic re-evaluation on a statewide or county basis, with provisions to keep appraisals at current market value.

Approved by the LWV of Oklahoma in 1975, 1980, 1981 and 1989