Eliminating the State Income Tax is Topic of April Unit Meetings

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On Sunday, March 18, a headline in the Tulsa World read:

The House and Senate last week passed measures to reduce or eliminate the state income tax, but the final plan won’t be known for weeks.

Three bills have made their way through committee and are currently under consideration by the Oklahoma legislature. All three would alter significantly the rate and brackets for state income taxes and would eliminate certain credits, exemptions and deductions.

The League of Women Voters—at all levels—has stated positions on Fiscal Policy which will serve as a backdrop for the April Unit meeting discussions. The primary document to be studied is a side-by-side comparison of the Fallin Plan (HB 3061), the Mazzei Bill (SB 1623) and the Jolly & Osborn Bills (SB 1571 and HB 3038) published by the Oklahoma Policy Institute at OKPolicy.org.

Come and join in what will certainly be a lively discussion. Let your voice be heard! The outcome of the April Unit Meeting discussions will inform the leadership of the Tulsa League about what possible action might be taken in response to these three bills.

Study materials can be accessed here.