Education Policy Task Force

Emily Davis News

At the March LWVMT Board Meeting the question was asked, “Can the Tulsa League endorse support for local school bonds?” The Program Committee studied and discussed this question. After deliberation, the committee recognized Tulsa League does not currently have a local position.  In order to endorse local school bonds the Tulsa League needs to study and adopt such a position.

Tulsa members who attended the 2015 Annual Meeting on June 2 heartily agreed that they want to be able to have a say about future school bond elections.  A motion was passed to study and work toward the adoption of such a policy in the 2015-2016 year.

This summer an Education Policy Task Force was appointed to “study and present criteria for support of school bond elections”.  Patti Mullen, a new Tulsa League member, graciously agreed to serve as chairman. Other members of the committee are Ros Elder, Gloria Caldwell, Charity Marcus, Sheila Riley, and Julie Gustafson.

In future newsletters, you will learn more about this committee’s work. Additionally, opportunities to learn from community experts and suggested reading materials will be offered.

Having a voice in public education bond elections is important!