Education Bond Policy Task Force

Emily Davis News

Tulsa League members heartily agreed at the June 2015 annual meeting that they want to be able to support future school bond elections. To accomplish this goal, the membership voted to study and work toward the adoption of a school bond position in the 2015-2016 year.

Since then an Education Bond Policy Task Force was convened and new League member, Patti Mullen, graciously accepted the chairmanship.  Other task force members are Gloria Caldwell, Ros Elder, Charity Marcus and Julie Gustafson.  These members are at work researching and studying the issue. They have formed guiding questions to use in interviews with education professionals.  Several weeks ago their first interview took place with Retired Tulsa Superintendent, Dr. Keith Ballard.  He was most helpful in giving understanding and direction to this work.  Dr. Ballard closed the meeting by saying, “The LWV endorsement of bond issues is worth a lot” and, “This committee should take the time needed to do its job.” When asked, he kindly said he would return in the future to answer questions if needed.

If you would like to join this committee to learn more about the inner workings of school bonds you are most welcome.  Please phone or email the League office and let us know of your interest.

The League arrives at policy positions through research, study and a process of member agreement.  So in the future, once the school bond criteria has been identified, this topic will go to the Units for discussion, and then a consensus meeting will be called for consideration of the proposed program.

Do follow the process of the School Bond Policy Study in our newsletter/website or join the task force by phoning the League office at 918-747-7933.