Congratulations America!

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Thank you to everyone who voted and to every candidate, win or lose, who stood for office November 6. The League of Women Voters salutes your efforts to Make Democracy Work.

The Tulsa County Election Board says about 250,000 residents of Tulsa County went to the polls Tuesday, making turn out between 62% and 68% of eligible voters. That’s comparable to the turnout in the 2008 presidential election.

Our mission is to increase voter participation in our democracy, and at the Tulsa League of Women Voters office we do everything we can to ensure citizens have the information they need to cast an informed vote on election day.We want voters to feel confident to walk into their polling place and know what to expect, from voter identification requirements to what is on the ballot.

Our work begins anew in December when candidates will file to run for the school board. The election is in mid-February 2013. Please join us as we dedicate ourselves to Making Democracy Work.