Stormwater Management

The LWVMT supports a continuing strong effort by the City of Tulsa to manage stormwater, with an emphasis on public safety.

As projects are planned or re-evaluated, consideration must be given to cost effectiveness, impact on public safety, neighborhood integrity, and quality of life benefits.

All planning should include citizen input with the city’s capital improvements planning process.

The city should continue to fund regular maintenance, operation, and small capital costs of stormwater management through a monthly utility fee. The city’s share of other capital costs for stormwater projects should be funded by sales taxes or general obligation bonds.

Since 1970, Tulsa County has been declared a federal flood disaster area more often than any other location in the United States. The City of Tulsa has made significant progress toward alleviating the impact of stormwater runoff and flooding. It is imperative for public safety as well as economic development that stormwater management continue to be a priority of the City of Tulsa.

Adopted in 1990