Shailaja Marion News

Like the rest of the world, we at the League of Women Voters of Metropolitan Tulsa are watching the news about COVID-19 and taking that information into consideration as we make our plans, especially those that call for people to gather.

This is an emerging and rapidly evolving situation. And while the immediate threat to the general American public is low at this time, according to the CDC, things can quickly change.

We will keep an eye on the information coming out from the CDC, the World Health Organization, and the Tulsa Health Department and make our decisions to keep safe our members, volunteers, and staff. For now, we aren’t making any changes to scheduled meetings or events.

Please keep an eye on your email and check our website for current information. And while you’re doing that, do these things —

  • Please wash your hands frequently and for at least 20 seconds.
  • Sanitize the objects you and other people touch.
  • Use social distancing. That means keeping at least 6 feet between you and other people.
  • If you are sick, stay home.
  • If someone in your family gets sick, you may be isolated for 2-3 weeks. Think about keeping two weeks’ worth of essential items. Refill any prescriptions, check your supply of coffee, pet food, and good books.
  • And when it’s all over, hopefully without too much disruption or health impact, thank your public health officials for a job well done. They are working very hard right now.


Lynn Staggs
President, League of Women Voters of Metropolitan Tulsa

Read more from the CDC here.
Read more from the Tulsa Health Department here.