2011 Pathfinder Honoring Ruth Nelson: A Huge Success

Sheila News

Thanks to many generous patrons, speakers, guests, contributors and our gracious honoree, Ruth Nelson, it was an evening to remember.
Read more for a list of sponsors.

2011 Pathfinder Patrons

Community Builder
Ruth Nelson
Frederic Dorwart, Lawyers
Jill and Robert Thomas &
William and Susan Thomas

Leadership Builder
Joe and Ellen Graham
George Kaiser Family Foundation
Williams Foundation
Tulsa Jewish Retirement and Health Center
Anne and Henry Zarrow Family Foundation
Maxine and Jack Zarrow Family Foundation

Family Builder
George Krumme

Neighborhood Builder
Mary Athens and Norma Eagleton
Chuck and Betsy Blue
Patty Eaton
Toby Fell
James and Sally Frasier
Ken and Marian Greenwood
Kathleen Kastelic
Robert J. LaFortune
Bruce and Brenda Magoon
Nancy and Joe McDonald
Mrs. Herbert Miller
Mary Jo Neal
Andrea Schlanger
Gene Starr
Patricia Wheeler
Penny Williams and Josie Winter
Dr. Terry and Debbie Zanovich
The Trust Company of Oklahoma

Bryn Mawr Support in Honor of Ruth Nelson
Barbara G. Aaron
Alexandra Q. Aldridge
Catherine Allegra
Barbara Allen
Cynthia Archer
Bridget Baird
Kimberly Cassidy
Lois M. Collier
Anna and Peter Davol
Anthony Enders
Donna Hooven Frithsen
Donald Gellert
Arlene and Charles Gibson
Johanna A. (Nan) Harris
Margaret M. Healy
Cheryl Holland
Denise and Al Hurley
Beverly Lange
Jacqueline and Howard Levine
Ann Logan
Malcolm S.  Macdonald
Susan L. MacLaurin
Jane McAuliffe
Mary Patterson McPherson
Jacqueline B. Mars
Dolores G. (“Dodie”) Norton
John S. Price
Barbara Paul Robinson
Sally Shoemaker Robinson
R.R. Schwartz
Susan S. Speers
Janet L. Steinmayer
Maria Strum and Elliott Shore
Barbara J. Trimble
Betsy and Chuck Watkins
Donna Wiley and Neal Abraham
James Wood
Sally Zeckhauser

Gifts in Honor of  Ruth Nelson
Kathy Taylor
The Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation
Steven Dow and Stacy Schusterman
Robin Ballenger
John W. Ingraham
Joan Flint
Bonnie Henke
Mrs. Edgar Sanditen
Irving and Irene Fenster, The T-F Foundation
Martin Newman
Joanne H. Potts
Rosalyn Borg
Zella Borg