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Unit Meetings

Issues Discussion Unit Meetings are where League action starts.

Members are encouraged to join a unit to explore the issues and make recommendations on positions. Once approved by the board and adopted  by members, positions crafted from unit meetings become the foundation for advocacy and action.

According to League history, unit meetings got started during World War II in response to gasoline rationing when members found it easier to meet in neighborhood groups or “units.”

Unit meetings are still the foundation of the League. These days, unit meeting times and locations are organized around members’ schedules rather than neighborhood. There are unit meetings at breakfast, at mid-day and after work. And, members are always welcome to set up a new meeting time and location that will be more convenient for their schedules. Meetings are held from September through May of each year.

What Happens at Issues Discussion Unit Meetings?

Unit meetings are both social and educational, with members arriving early to catch up. When not convening at a restaurant, members bring a bag lunch. One hour is dedicated to facilitated discussion on a selected topic.

Current Tulsa League Issues Discussion Unit Meetings

Midtown Unit meets from 11:30 to 1 pm on the third Tuesday of the month at the League office, 3336 E 32nd St., Ste. 4.

North Tulsa Unit meets from noon to 1 pm on the fourth Monday of the month at the Rudisill Library at 1520 N. Hartford Avenue.

Breakfast Unit meets from 7 to 8 am  on the fourth Tuesday of the month at the ONEOK Cafeteria, 100 W 5th St., Lower Level, in downtown Tulsa.

Evening Unit is not meeting as of  September, 2012.  Please call the office, 918-747-7933, if you’d be interested in starting or joining an evening discussion group.

This Month’s Unit Meeting Discussion Topic:

September’s Meeting Discussion Topic: The 3 State Questions on the ballot of the November 4 General Election. What are your thoughts concerning these 3 state questions? What will you tell your friends when they ask what these questions are about and what they mean? Join us at the September Unit Meetings to discuss and learn.

SQ 769 amends Section 12 of Article 2 of the Oklahoma Constitution. The amendment would permit those serving in state offices of trust or profit to also hold certain military positions.

SQ 770 amends section 8E of Article 10 the Oklahoma Constitution. This section provides a homestead exemption to certain qualifying disabled veterans, and to the surviving spouse of qualified disabled veterans.

SQ 771 amends the Oklahoma Constitution. It would add a new Section 8F to Article 10. It would create a homestead exemption for the surviving spouse of military personnel who die in the line of duty.

To learn about these questions and the LWVOK’s position or pro/con statement on state questions (Emily please insert sight and embed)


The October Unit Meeting will begin the study of the LWVOK public policy positions. Be informed – Look for more information about Unit Meetings and the LWVOK Program Positions in the October issue of the Tulsa Voter Newsletter.

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