Mental Health

Support for delivery of mental health services and mental illness treatment in addressing these needs in Oklahoma’s population.

Mental health services would be improved by:

  1. A mental health needs assessment;
  2. Focus on identification and prevention of emotional problems, mental illness, and substance abuse;
  3. An increase in funding for child mental health services, and correction of systemic payment issues; and
  4. Monitoring the effectiveness of mental health programs to improve allocation of funds.

The LWVOK recommends that Oklahoma and the Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse (DMHSA) undertake the following:

  1. A strategic state plan for treatment;
  2. Funding for training personnel for community needs;
  3. Improve access to mental illness services;
  4. Stop the diversion of the mentally-ill into the corrections system; and
  5. Increase funding for DMHSA.

Approved by LWV of Oklahoma in 2002