Support of strengthened financial and administrative structures that would provide for quality education in Oklahoma.

Improved financing is the key to providing equal opportunity for quality education for all children in Oklahoma. The state should assume the major responsibility for improving and equalizing financial resources among the school districts. The major portion of financing for common schools should come from state funds moving away from a base of ad valorem taxes.

Approved by the LWV of Oklahoma in 1973

Corporal Punishment

Oppose the use of corporal punishment in the public schools of Oklahoma. The most effective approaches to discipline in the public schools emphasize preventive, diagnostic and remedial measures and help to instill self-respect in children and adolescents.

Approved by the LWV of Oklahoma in 1989


The State Board of Education should maintain a state wide adoption process for the selection of textbooks but not limit the approved items to any specific number–only approve or disapprove all submitted materials.

Approved by the LWV of Oklahoma in 1986

Higher Education

Improved financing, accountability of expenditures, and more efficient financial procedures are the keys to providing quality higher education in Oklahoma. The state government should assume the major responsibility for financing state institutions of higher learning.