Why we’re fighting Voter ID


This organization was founded 90 years ago to support the most important right of American citizens: the right to vote. Voter ID requirements raise barriers to voting for all Oklahomans, but for our elderly, poor, and minority citizens, these barriers are all too often impossible to overcome. They don’t have photo ID because they’ve never needed it before. They don’t drive and they can’t afford to take the day off work to get an official state ID card, and they can’t afford to pay for one, but they are citizens just like you and me and they are equally entitled to vote.

A Voter ID requirement is a solution in search of a problem. Even supporters of Voter ID admit there is no evidence of voter impersonation. And it will cost the state an extra $100,000 a year at a time when we can hardly afford to fund basic state priorities like education.

Check back for updates on the lawsuit to stop the disenfranchisement of up to 78,000 Oklahomans.