Oklahoma Water Study 2011 – 2013

The Arkansas River

At the May 2011 LWV Oklahoma convention, a new statewide study of water proposed by the Tulsa League was adopted.

The two-year study is intended to update and expand the current state League position on water.

Study Committee

The study committee will research water law, water use, protection, management, conservation, ownership and quality across Oklahoma.

Committee Members

Julie Skye, Tulsa LWV, Chair
Gladeen Allred, Stillwater
Valerie Bloodgood, Stillwater
Sandy Bahan, Norman
Dortha Dunlap, Bartlesville
Mary Jane Lindaman, Tulsa
Sheila Swearingen, Tulsa
Barbara Van Hanken, Tulsa
Ron Wilkinson, Tulsa
Barbara Wilson, Ada

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NEW* Added October 15, 2012

General Background to use in preparation for consensus meetings:

(All files may be downloaded for use by local Leagues in preparation for consensus meetings)

LWVOK Water Study Consensus Questions

 LWVOK Glossary for Water Study

League of Women Voters of Oklahoma – Water Study Purpose and Current Position 

Water Availability

Oklahoma’s Climate and its Effect on Water, an excerpt from the Oklahoma Comprehensive Water Plan Supplemental Report, “Climate Issues and Recommendations,” December 2012

Oklahoma Water Facts

Water Conservation:

Conserving Oklahoma’s Water, Oklahoma Water Resources Board

Water Quality:

 Nonpoint Source Pollution:  The Nation’s Largest Water Quality Problem, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Non-Point Pollution, drafted by LWVOK Water Study Committee


Hydraulic Fracturing:  Legislative and Regulatory Trends, by Adam Orford, NPDES Training Institute

Unconventional Oil & Gas Development-Key Environment and Public Health Requirements, Government Accounting Office (GAO)

Oil & Gas-Information on Shale Resources, Development and Environmental and Public Health Risks, Government Accounting Office (GAO)

Funding, Enforcement and Legal Implication of Water in Oklahoma

Water Law Enforcement Poor, According to Study, by Katie Morgan, Daily Correspondent, May 27, 2004

U. S. Adopts Limits on Clean Water Law Enforcement, by Lisa Lambert, Reuters, June 5, 2007

Oklahoma Water Law:

The Basics of Oklahoma Water Law:  What Every Practitioner should Know, Bar Journal Scholarly Article, Oklahoma Bar Association, by L. Mark Walker and Reagan E. Bradford

General Background and Research

EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) *New material 6/21/2012

EPA’s Study of Hydraulic Fracturing and Its Potential Impact on Drinking Water Resources

Study of the impacts of fracking on private rural land owners in Pavillion, Wyoming

Oklahoma Water Resources Board *New material 6/20/2012

Presentations from the Governor’s Water Conferences for 2007 – 2011 (5 years of conferences)

OWRB 2012 Comprehensive Water Report Executive Summary

Paper on Oklahoma Water Law Management ( 2012, OWRB )

Oklahoma Water Issues (General Background)

Water issues are complex and easy answers are few” (Tulsa World, Feb. 12, 2012)

“Oklahoma Water Wars” (OETA, Oklahoma News Report, June 1, 2012)

Water grab in Kansas oil boom” (CNN Money, June 12, 2012)

As the Tap Turns: Federal water regulations cause change in Tulsa” (Urban Tulsa Weekly, June 27, 2012)