Judicial System

In support of a modern, efficient, and equitable court system accountable to the people.

LWVOK believes:

  1. The appellate defense system must be maintained so as to guarantee all US constitutional rights to defendants, and adequately funded for indigent defense, attorney fees should be paid by legislative appropriation and not from local court-generated fees or the state judicial fund;
  2. The state should not assume maintenance and utility costs for each county courthouse;
  3. The members of the Council on Judicial Complaints must be chosen independently of any political or special interests, and should report the outcome of judicial complaints adequately and fairly, while protecting privacy;
  4. In the merit selection of all the judiciary;
  5. In the expansion of the use of Alternative Dispute Resolution;
  6. Opposes all appearance of female gender bias in the state courts, and supports a survey study of female gender bias in the courts.

Approved by the LWV of Oklahoma in 1993