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Education Policy Task Force

At the March LWVMT Board Meeting the question was asked, “Can the Tulsa League endorse support for local school bonds?” The Program Committee studied and discussed this question. After deliberation, the committee recognized Tulsa League does not currently have a local position.  In order to endorse local school bonds the Tulsa League needs to study and adopt such a position.

Tulsa members who attended the 2015 Annual Meeting on June 2 heartily agreed that they want to be able to have a say about future school bond elections.  A motion was passed to study and work toward the adoption of such a policy in the 2015-2016 year.

This summer an Education Policy Task Force was appointed to “study and present criteria for support of school bond elections”.  Patti Mullen, a new Tulsa League member, graciously agreed to serve as chairman. Other members of the committee are Ros Elder, Gloria Caldwell, Charity Marcus, Sheila Riley, and Julie Gustafson.

In future newsletters, you will learn more about this committee’s work. Additionally, opportunities to learn from community experts and suggested reading materials will be offered.

Having a voice in public education bond elections is important!


September 2015 Unit Meetings

Welcome to the Fall 2015 Unit Meetings. Your Tulsa League Program Committee has been hard at work planning interesting and timely topics for discussion.  The Unit meetings are where League action starts! If you are looking for a great way to meet other League members and discuss issues important to Tulsa and our nation, you’ve found the right place! New members are always welcome.

September 2015 Unit Meeting Schedule

North Tulsa Unit: Monday, September 28, noon to 1:00 pm. This unit meets on the 4th Monday of the month at the Rudisill Library, 1520 N. Hartford Avenue.  Study Topic:  “Re-Entry into Society after Prison”.  The membership will be preparing their presentation for the Social Justice Symposium at Langston University on October 2. Look for information about this symposium in local news.

Midday Unit: Tuesday, September 15, 11:30 to 1 pm. Meetings are on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at the League office, 3336 E. 32nd. Lunch and visitation start at 11:30 (bring your own sandwich). Meeting is at 12:00 pm.

Breakfast Unit: Tuesday, September 29, 7 to 8 am on the 4th Tuesday of the month. During the month of September the Breakfast Unit Meeting will meet at the New Atlas Grill- Courtyard Tulsa Downtown, 415 S. Boston Ave.

The Midday and Breakfast Units will be discussing the Knight Foundation’s article, “Why Millennials Don’t Vote for Mayor”.

Maybe you read David Blatt’s recent article “Grim and Grimmer: Voter turnout hits all-time lows” on It is about the U. S. Census Bureau report on the most recent elections. The Bureau’s findings show fewer Americans voted in the 2014 midterm elections than in any election in at least 45 years. In Oklahoma, barely one out of three adults (34.2 percent) went to the polls. Among voters age 45 and under in Oklahoma, less than one in five voted.  And, “Last November, less than one in eight Oklahomans ages 18-24 went to the polls.” Turnout in Oklahoma was the second lowest in the nation in the 2014 mid-term elections.

The Tulsa League is working hard to reverse Tulsa’s negative voter turnout.  Our discussion at the September Unit meetings will be part of the League’s efforts, during the 2015-2016 year, to learn more about factors hampering voter turnout and to identify possible approaches for encouraging voter turnout.  We will be discussing 3 questions:
1. What does the Lake Research Partners’ data show concerning voter turnout for local elections, particularly among millennials?
2. What does the focus group research tell us about millennial drop off voters and their sense of ownership and loyalty to their community, as well as their current forms of community engagement and attitudes toward local government and voting?
3. What suggestions does this research make about advancing millennial participation in local elections?

Hope you will join us!


Voting Rights Advocates Settle Matter Alleging NVRA Violations


Over the past year, the League worked with a variety of organizations to ensure the Oklahoma State Election Board was complying with certain statutes of National Voter Registration Act. As of today, we can announce that a settlement has been reached to provide more effective voter registration opportunities to citizens throughout the state.

Find all of the information here.



Meet the Member: Elizabeth Harris

Want to know who makes the League special? We’ve started an initiative to feature our membership on our “Meet the Member Mondays” blog series. Check back often to learn more about our members, see the diversity of our membership and see why they think the League’s work is important.


EH Head Shot

Name: Elizabeth Harris

Day job: Data Analyst for Growing Together

3 words to describe you:  Caffeinated, Passionate, and

Why are you involved with the League:  Voting is the most direct way we, as citizens, can influence the direction of our country, state, and city.

My favorite experience with LWV has been:  I really enjoy voter forums because it makes me hopeful that apathy hasn’t completely taken over.

On the weekend, you can find me:  One of Tulsa’s awesome coffee shops, visiting friends, working on my house

Favorite Tulsa restaurant:  I can’t choose!

Favorite vacation destination:  Anywhere with friends and a good view

People would be surprised to know:  Baking is my ultimate stress reliever.  I also really like mowing my lawn

Words to live by:  “He that would perfect his work must first sharpen his tools” Confucius

If your day had 25 hours, what would you use the extra hour for:   Sleep

One item you can’t leave home without:  My purse

Favorite meal:  My Mom’s pot roast

Beverage of choice:  Coffee

Who is your hero:  My great aunt Ruby

Biggest pet peeve:  Apathy

What makes you laugh:  Parks and Rec

Best movie seen/book read lately:  Love & Mercy, about Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys

What should be taught in school that isn’t currently:  Data literacy: not necessarily the math of statistics, but what questions should I ask when presented with data from various sources like the media or politicians

Favorite Tulsa activity:  Brunch and Philbrook

One word to describe Tulsa:  Home


House District 73 Candidate Forum

The League will host a candidate forum for the open seat in State House District 73. HD73 contains downtown Tulsa and much of North Tulsa (see map). Seven candidates have declared for the winner-take-all primary.

The candidate forum is open to the public and will be held on Tuesday, July 7th  at 6:30 pm at the Tulsa Community College Northeast Campus, Large Auditorium.