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Community Discussion Event: Re-Segregation of Tulsa’s Schools

The Dan Allen Center for Social Justice promotes social justice through education, outreach, advocacy, and demonstration of social justice. As part of that mission, the Center is sponsoring a community discussion regarding the re-segregation of Tulsa’s public schools. The discussion will be led by a panel including:

Dr. Keith Ballard, Tulsa Public Schools
Dr. David Blatt, Oklahoma Policy Institute
Mr. Ed Martinez, Jr., Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Tulsa
Dr. Jocelyn Payne, John Hope Franklin Center for Reconciliation
Ms. Laura Ross White, Community Services Council of Greater Tulsa

Thursday, September 4, 2014, 6:30-8:30pm
Rudisill Regional Library 1520 N. Hartford Tulsa, OK
Open to the public, free admission, light refreshments afterwards

2014 marks the 60th anniversary of the Brown vs. Topeka Board of Education Supreme Court decision to end racial segregation of public schools. After decades of civil rights struggles, Americans were beginning to recognize the importance of social integration to ensure social justice for all. Where is Tulsa today in meeting the spirit of that landmark ruling? Are current demographic and policy trends leading to Tulsa being re-segregated? Is there still merit to actively seeking diversity in our schools and our neighborhoods?
The Center has invited distinguished panelists to discuss the current trends that are isolating poor and minority children in Tulsa. The Center is sponsoring the discussion with the goal that it will move the community forward on issues of poverty and its causes in Tulsa.

More information contact: Dr. Ed Rossman,; 918-619-7505
Visit the Center’s Website:


Fall 2014 Unit Meetings


Renewing our commitment to Action

Oklahoma League members renewed their commitment to action at both the State and Tulsa Annual League Meetings. Members are saying they want to take on a more active role as an advocacy organization. To accomplish this goal, the Oklahoma League’s Program Position Book, a basis for all action, must be up-to-date, and we, the membership must be knowledgeable about the public-policy positions to which we have found consensus. To learn more, open Oklahoma Voter Newsletter, Summer Edition, p 4 & 5.

Oklahoma’s local leagues will lead the way toward knowledge and action by offering a 2014-2015 study of the state’s program positions and providing feedback to the Oklahoma League if these positions should be retained, rewritten, restudied, archived, etc. Members attending Tulsa’s Unit Meetings will study three positions: The Corrections System, The Re-Integration of Female Offenders, and Mental Health, all timely issues. We hope you will join us at these meetings for friendship and for the opportunity to understand and influence the league’s positions on public policy.


Tulsa League Unit Meetings

Midtown meets from 11:30 to 1 pm on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at the League office, 3336 E. 32nd Street, Suite #4.

Breakfast Unit meets from 7 to 8 am on the fourth Tuesday of the month at the ONEOK Cafeteria, 100 W. 5th street, Lower Level, in downtown Tulsa.

Please call the League office, 918-747-7933, if you are interested in restarting or starting a discussion group in the evening or in another part of the city.


September’s Meeting Discussion Topic: The 3 State Questions on the ballot of the November 4 General Election.

What are your thoughts concerning these 3 state questions? What will you tell your friends when they ask what these questions are about and what they mean? Join us at the September Unit Meetings to discuss and learn.

SQ 769 amends Section 12 of Article 2 of the Oklahoma Constitution. The amendment would permit those serving in state offices of trust or profit to also hold certain military positions.

SQ 770 amends section 8E of Article 10 the Oklahoma Constitution. This section provides a homestead exemption to certain qualifying disabled veterans, and to the surviving spouse of qualified disabled veterans.

SQ 771 amends the Oklahoma Constitution. It would add a new Section 8F to Article 10. It would create a homestead exemption for the surviving spouse of military personnel who die in the line of duty.

The October Unit Meeting will begin the study of the LWVOK public policy positions. Be informed – Look for more information about Unit Meetings and the LWVOK Program Positions in the October issue of the Tulsa Voter Newsletter.


DA Candidate Forum – August 20th

The League will partner with the Tulsa County Bar Association to host a candidate forum for Tulsa County District Attorney candidates Steve Kunzweiler and Fred Jordan. The forum will be held on Wednesday, August 20 at 7:00 p.m at the Tulsa County Bar Association, 1446 S. Boston.

The public is welcome and encouraged to attend this forum that has been scheduled in advance of the August 26 runoff election. For more information, call the office at 918-747-7933.

To learn more about the candidates, visit


LWVUS Convention 2014


Oklahoma was in the house as more than 700 delegates gathered for this year’s LWVUS convention in Dallas. Caucuses and training sessions covered voting rights, ending gerrymandering, climate change action, building diversity and growing sustainable Leagues – and much more. Delegates heard from a number of outstanding speakers, from Dallas Sheriff Lupe Valdez to NPR’s Wade Goodwyn.

LWVUS Board of Directors: Elisabeth MacNamara was elected to another two-year term as President after a challenge from another candidate. The professionalism displayed by all candidates for the board was impressive.

lwvusLWVUS 2014 Convention Delegates from Oklahoma – From left to right: Barbara VanHanken, LWV Tulsa; Deborah Langley, LWV Bartlesville; Cassie Reed, LWV Stillwater; Sheila Swearingen, LWV Oklahoma; Joanne Murer, LWV Stillwater

Lessons Learned at LWVUS Convention

• The League’s non-partisan, issue-driven work is needed as much as ever.

• Strong local Leagues build the capacity for state Leagues to tackle the big issues.

• Local Leagues need the state Leagues to take leadership in setting an action and

advocacy agenda.

• Leagues around the country are growing again.

• Those taking the boldest actions and gaining visibility are growing the fastest.


Thank You! 2014 – 2015

We would like to welcome the members who joined the League or renewed their membership for 2014 – 2015:

Sue and Roger Ames
Herb Beattie
Jo Anne and Jim Bottomley
Gloria Caldwell
Beverly Cowan
Cara Cowan-Watts and Doug Watts
Laura Dempsey-Polan
Patty Eaton
Richard Ekdahl
Ros and Jim Elder
Sally and Jim Frazier
Julie Gustafson
Anita Heckman
Katye B. Johnson
Marilyn Murphy
Aldean Newcomb Krumme and George Krumme
Mary Lhevine and George Schnetzer
Nancy McDonald
Mary Jo Neal
Dana Patterson Free
Ann Patton
Arleen Riggs
Lynn Rivers
Lynn and Jerry Roberson
Barbara and Preston VanHanken
Quendy and Ralph Veatch
Deborah Whittaker
Clark and Michelle Wiens
Rita Woodall

Thank you to the following individuals for their outstanding financial contributions to the League this fiscal year:

Sue and Roger Ames
Jo Anne and Jim Bottomley
Gloria Caldwell
Patty Eaton
Mary Holden
Keri Fothergill
Dorothy Gibbons
Anita Heckman
Katye B. Johnson
Karen and Bob Jones
Lora Marschall
Nancy McDonald
Marilyn Murphy
Ann Patton
Barbara and Preston VanHanken
Quendy and Ralph Veatch
Deborah Whittaker
Clark and Michelle Wiens


We couldn’t do it without your support – thank you!

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